JOTL is a wonderful place to live because our members know and respect the rules and regulations.  It is only by being respectful of each other and abiding by these rules that we can maintain the peaceful and calm living environment that we all enjoy.

It is important that you take the time to read through the entire Rules & Regulations document at your earliest convenience.  For today, we have summarized a handful here.

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list of the rules, regulations, by-laws and declaration that owners and residents are responsible for knowing and following.

Move In/Out
JOTL requires the approval and scheduling of move-in and move-out activity.  Please click here to download the form or contact our management company.

Remodeling Your Unit
Please contact management with your written plans for your remodeling project prior to the start of work.

Leasing Your Unit
JOTL does permit the leasing of units.  At this time, all unit owners are eligible for leasing their units.  You are required to submit all proper documentation prior to the move-in of your tenant.  Please click here to download the Rental Packet or contact management before you sign a lease.  There is a $150 fee required for the processing of documentation for a new tenant payable to FCM (not required for lease renewals), as well as a refundable move-in deposit payable to JOTL.

Although the association carries a master insurance policy for common property, it will not cover most damage to your unit or personal property.  We strongly encourage every member to purchase a Homeowners or Landlord policy from a reputable insurance carrier to protect your personal property, improvements and betterments, and damage to your unit.

Assessments: Paying with Auto Debit (ACH)
FCM makes it easy to pay your assessments on-time and automatically with auto debit from your checking account.  Please click here to download the form or contact management to enroll.

Smoking is prohibited in all common areas of JOTL, with two exceptions:

  • Smoking is allowed in the east park (on the lake front).
  • Smoking is allowed in the west yard (west of both buildings).
No animals shall be raised, bred or kept in any unit, except for household cats and small birds, if the primary caretaker is the unit owner.

Please do not leave unwanted or junk mail in the lobby of your building.  It is your responsibility to dispose of mail, so we can keep our lobbies clean.

You may place trash in the bins on your back porch only if the lid will close completely.  Otherwise, please take your trash bags to the bins in the alley.

Air Conditioners
We have strict guidelines for which windows may have air conditioners.  Please review the details in the Rules & Regulations document before you install your AC.

We have two bike rooms for your convenience.  Please securely lock your bike to one of the racks in these rooms.

Laundry Room
We have a very clean and well-maintained laundry room for your convenience.  The hours are 8 AM to 10 PM every day.

Rules & Regulations